Explore Apprenticeship Opportunities at Buildoz

Discover a range of pathways to kickstart your career in carpentry with Buildoz. Whether you're a current high school student, a recent high school leaver, a mature aged individual seeking a career change, or someone looking to recommence or transfer their apprenticeship, we have a variety of options to suit you.

HeadStart Program for High School Students

For high school students eager to embark on their carpentry journey while completing their year 11 or 12 studies, Buildoz proudly offers the HeadStart program. This initiative allows students to work with us for 2 days a week, gaining valuable hands-on experience while still pursuing their high school education. Learn more about the HeadStart program at or consult with your career advisor.

Full-Time Apprenticeships for School Leavers

Graduated from high school (Year 10, 11, or 12) and ready to dive into a full-time apprenticeship? Buildoz provides a 2-week trial experience, ensuring that a career in carpentry aligns with your aspirations. Upon successful completion of a 2-week trial we are pleased to offer a full-time apprenticeship.

Mature Aged Apprenticeships

If you've explored another career path but find yourself drawn to carpentry, Buildoz welcomes mature aged individuals seeking apprenticeships. Embark on a 2-week trial to gauge whether carpentry is the right fit for your career goals. Following a satisfactory trial period, we extend the opportunity for a full-time apprenticeship.

Re-commencements and Transfers

For those who have already commenced a carpentry apprenticeship with another employer but aspire to join Buildoz, we offer opportunities for apprentices at all levels following a satisfactory 2-week trial period.

At Buildoz, we are committed to providing a supportive and educational environment for individuals at every stage of their carpentry journey.

Join us and build a rewarding career in carpentry. For more information, contact us today.