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Buildoz stands as a market leader in Victoria's domestic carpentry sector, offering comprehensive services in all aspects of carpentry. Renowned for exceptional delivery and quality, Buildoz is run by a team of skilled carpenters and dedicated administrative staff. This blend of hands-on expertise and professional management ensures each project meets the highest standards of craftsmanship and customer satisfaction, solidifying Buildoz's reputation as a top choice for domestic carpentry needs.

At Buildoz we're on a mission to revitalise the art of carpentry, transforming it into a trade of excellence once more. Recognising the challenges our industry has faced over the last two decades, with focus on a specific area of carpentry often leading to limited knowledge of our trade as a whole, we are committed to reversing this trend. Our focus is on comprehensive training, mentoring, and development opportunities. We believe that a carpenter should not just be skilled in one aspect, but possess a broad understanding and experience in all facets of carpentry. This holistic approach will ensure that our team members are not just carpenters, but masters of their craft, capable of handling specific jobs with unparalleled expertise.

Our Vision

To be known as the best carpentry and steel service provider in Victoria

Our Values

  • We give respect through our delivery
  • We earn respect through our customer satisfaction
  • We only promise what we deliver
  • We do exactly as we promise

Our Mission

"Get it right every time"

  • • Material Supply

  • • Stick Built Framing

  • • Pre-Fab Framing

  • • Lock Up

  • • Fixing

  • • Fit Off

  • • Decking

  • • Pergolas

  • • & More

  • • Structural Steel Supply and Install

  • • Site Fabrication and Installation

  • • In House Fabrication

  • • Crane Installation and Hire

  • • Site Steel Erection

  • • Supply Galvanised Structural Steel

  • • General Fabrication Services

  • • & More

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Join us in our journey to make carpentry great again, be part of a future where carpentry is not just a trade, but a testament to skill and dedication.